Wires Cables

Alex wires are mode of 99.99%, pure electrolytic copper for obtaining bright annealed wires & high conductivity for conductors.

Alex Wires are insulated with flame Retardant (FR) PVC Compound. This Polymer has a critical-high Oxygen and temperature index.

These properties helps in high insulation resistance & die - electric strength also restricting the fire even at very high temperature. ALEX WIRES uses well experimented Mixing Recipes to Obtain Desired Properties of FR-PVC insulation as per Indian

Our PVC resins Compound are the best grade available in the world market and additives like plasticizers, stabilizers, dyes & Other chemicals

On-line wire annealing – for better wire flexibility & other conductivity result.
These ISI marked house wire meet the requirement of IS-694:1990.

In addition, they also offer FLAME RETARDANT properties which means Extra protection against electic shocks, short circuits and fires.

All Routine test are carried out in factory before dispatch of material under guidance of well experienced testing engineers. Our products meets all the test requirements as per IS-694:1990.

Continues Quality Assurance system are followed to ensure the quality of product.

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