Alex Flame retardant (FR) PVC INSULATED Domestic CABLES Single Core, Unsheathed wires in voltage Grade 1100V.
Nominal Area of Copper Conductor Sq. mm
Number / Diameter of Wire mm
Aproximate Overall Diameter of Wire mm
Current Carrying Capacity
2 Wires, Single Phase
Thickness of insulation (Nominal) mm
In Conduit/ Trunking Amps
un enclosed-clipped directly to a surface or on cable tray Amps
Resistance (Max) Per KM. @20O C Ohms
0.75 24/0.20** 2.40 0.6 6 7 26.00
1.00 14/0.30* 2.70 0.7 11 12 18.10
1.50 30/0.25** 3.00 0.6 16 18 13.30
2.50 50/0.25* 3.70 0.7 20 24 7.98
4.00 56/0.30** 4.10 0.8 24 29 4.95
Standard Colors : Black, Red, Blue, Yellow & Green(for earthing), Supplied in 90/180/270 Meter lengths
# As per IS 3961 (Part V) - 1968 *As per conductor class 2 of IS 8130 : 1984 **As per conductor class 5 of IS 8120 : 1984


he need of the day is new circuitry and additional points to accommodate modern gadgets. Add to this, large scale projects undertaken nowadays. Since the size of constructions is not only larger but also more widespread, there is a surge in the need for electrical wires of longer lengths. Alex is a major supplier of electrical wires to such big construction projects. Alex electrical wires enjoy approvals from Architects, Electrical Contractors, Consultants and Builders, for whom the quality of electrical wires is of utmost importance.Alex now introduces two new longer packing lengths - 270 meter coils (triple coils for sizes 1.0, &1.50 sq.mm) and 180 meter coils (double coils for sizes 2.50, 4.0 and 6.0 sq.mm) to suit the requirement of big construction projects.Alex Flame Retardant (FR) PVC Insulated Industrial Cables with longer lengths has many advantages.

These longer length coils are manufactured on high precision computerised coiling machine which ensures exact length & compactness. They are further Poly-wrapped & packed in specially designed sturdy master cartons.